How to check for Pre-paid Balance

Call 222 and wait for the text message containing your load balance. You will be charged 1 peso for this.

Text BAL to 222. This is the free way to check for balance.

You can also register your pre-paid account at to view the pre-paid credits via Globe My Account Portal.


54 thoughts on “How to check for Pre-paid Balance

  1. Please let me know when my load will be expiring,I did load 150Peso on April 25,2011
    I am out of Philippine and my mobile roaming And here is my number:+63-915-287-2774

    Waiting for your excellent response.


    • 1. Click the icon of your Globe sim card inside your phone (Globe Load).
      2. Scroll down and find “Inventory”.
      3. Press “Inventory”.
      4. Then press “Chk Stocks”.
      5. Enter your PIN. The default PIN is 12345.
      6. Press OK.
      7. Just wait for the message from Globe containing your current load wallet balance.

  2. hello…i’m in the U.S. right now…i have a roaming simcard…i would like to know how can i check my balance…thanks

  3. why is it i bought last night this sim card i put a load in this number it refuse to accept the 30 pesos load , please check this number 09154353172, wright now i wait , i did like balance inquiry i read the message there is free tk but i cant send the message it said here message sending failed , i can accept message anyway. please inform me now. thank u

  4. i am ready to start cursing very badly because none of your sites or anything with the Globe name con it seems to work or be any good , how can you be a company when you customers have no access after buying your products that they cannot get to work , what is this, I have 2 globe numbers and no access to your line. i bought a US to Philippines card #9164978477 that worked with FB only then stopped then I bought another online load #12093701962 and my phone is asking me for an unlock code for my phone dial pad…so why am I having this problem wit this globe sim in my phone????so now i have 2 Globe numbers and an unusable phone because there is no one therte doing anything connect me…

    • This is not official Globe website. Second, your phone is network locked so you can’t use it for Globe sim card or your phone doesn’t support the carrier partner of Globe in your area. It’s not the fault of Globe. Try to replace your device. Thanks!

    • Your phone is locked with other network and cannot be used with Globe network regardless if it is here in the Philippines or abroad. Please try your Globe sim card with an open line phone. Also check with your phone if the network in your area supports it. Your issue has nothing to do with Globe since it is in your actual phone unit.

  5. Good Day,I want to inquire my remaining balance to globe…under cp# 09277060928. It was under the name of my was my previous cp#…

  6. Hi… are there other ways to check balance on my prepaid sim other than using cellphone. The sim is attached on alarm system unit and I don’t like the hassle of removing and transferring it to another cell to check the balances

  7. my globe number is pre-paid.
    April 10, 2017 (3:43pm), my load balance is Php208.50.

    i used ATXT 20 three times in one week. that’s Php60.

    April 17, 2017 (3:02pm), my load balance is now Php59.50.
    how is that?

    i do not call anyone with my globe number.
    i have my postpaid sun# for business calls.

    and i do not use my globe mobile data.
    i have my postpaid smart pocket wifi.

    • If you are using a smart phone, it might be the culprit. Our smart phone is connecting automatically to the internet even if the data is off. Try to block it by calling *143# then select 2. My Account > 4. Mobile Internet Usage > 2. Turn ON mobile internet alerts. Assuming that it is already ON then you might want to call 211 to check with Globe.

  8. i gave pasa load to my son’s cel do i find out his remainng balance without using his pon?

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